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SHA Plus

We became SHA Plus Certified in 2021: Registration B4540

SHA Plus Registered and Certified

In 2021 we went through a number of steps to become SHA Plus Certified. In doing so, our Baan Kata Keeree villa is now also known as Kata Keeree Hotel, for the sake of SHA registration rules in Phuket.

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Baan Kata Keeree

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Privately Owned, Fully Staffed Luxury Villa At Kata Beach, Phuket

The perfect place for an amazing family holiday


We recommend you to contact us through this website ( or through our other websites : and We also linked our Facebook page and our Instagram page above. If you contact us through any other method, you're doing so through a third-party agent who has no negotiation on pricing and has no accurate availability information without speaking to us first. Please, deal with us direct for the best experience!

Baan Kata Keeree is fully SHA Plus Certified.

We also own a 6-Bed Private Villa in Chiang Mai called Baan Thip Chang which might be of interest if you're looking for a split-stay dual-location holiday.

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